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  Electronic Powder Coating Machine  


Powder spray system Anjali uses latest digital electronics and high frequency inverter technology and has in-built short circuit protection & automatic
power control system. Miniature power pack & high voltage system is fitted within the gun for maximum efficiency & ease of operation.
When unit is properly connected to an air compressor and the gun is triggered, the fluidised powder inside the barrel of the gun is charged and is sprayed out. Fine and coarse controls to get varied powder/air mixture are provided to get optimum results.
System is suitable for all kind of electrostatic powder coatings - Tube Shaped Objects, Cycle/Automobile Parts, Garden Equipment, Household Appliances, Furniture, Sanitary Fittings, Steel & Aluminium Sections, Metal Works Parts, Articles made out of wire and perforations. It is remarkable efficient for all type of powders Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester, Polyureathene etc.



Powder Output                      30 Kg/Hr. Nominal at 75 Ibs pressure  
Max. Air Pressure                    7.5 bar (Kg)

Pressure - Operation               5.0 bar (Kg)

Voltage / Frequency                220/240 V, 1 ohm , 50 Hz.

Electricity Consumption            50 VA at upto 100 KV -ve
Powder Hopper Capacity          15 Kg.

Powder Pipe                          3.50 Mts.

Spray Pattern                        variable to suit work


1. Best charging is ensured by special insulated electrode fitted inside the     nozzle, giving the highest charging efficiency.

2. Modular construction for easy repairs and maintenance in rare cases of     break-down.

3. Set of deflectors/pattern setters to keep the charging edge clean.

4. Feathertouch trigger for fatigue free-operation.

5. Incase of accidental contact of gun tip with article being coated voltage     drops to zero, however unit will not be switched off. Take back the gun     and start coating.

6. Negligible Faraday cage effect.

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